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BulkActives are DIY skin care enthusiasts and suppliers of: skin actives, cosmetic ingredients, cosmeceuticals, active ingredients, and standardized botanical extracts for diy skincare products and homemade cosmetics.

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  • Please note that we do NOT sell ready-made skin care products!
  • All our products are powders, liquids, flakes or gels, used for making your own skin care products.
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DIY Skin Care – Save Money by Making Skin Care Products that Work


Working as a teacher I have limited funds available for high-end skin care products. Nevertheless, I am aging gracefully and have managed to reduce my fine lines and wrinkles, as well as deal with some unsightly acne problems. After an intensive self- study of the beauty industry and skin care I have achieved this by making my own skin care products, while staying well within my allocated budget for ‘luxuries’.

My colleagues and friends have watched me grow from a novice to a confident formulator, and I am always being asked what the best products are for taking care of many types of skin-related problems. Literally, on a daily basis, I get asked “what’s the best anti-acne treatment?”, or “what should I use for collagen production?”

The simple truth is that rarely do the store bought products work. It isn’t often that your $500 bottle of Intensive Night Restorative actually does anything (besides quickly remove five hundred dollars from your bank account).

There is definitely a better way to keep your skin looking young and healthy, and it won’t harm your bank account!

That better way is with DIY skin care.

By choosing to make your own DIY skin care products, not only will you save yourself money, but you’ll enable yourself to find treatments that work for almost any skin related need. Do you need an anti-aging wrinkle cream? Maybe you’re just looking for something that will work for skin brightening. Whatever the case, you can find it with homemade skin care products.

 What is DIY Skin Care?

DIY skin care is about making your own treatments, creams, moisturizers, sun-blocks, or any other type of product that you apply to the skin. You can even make your own cosmetics. This is the method I always use when I work with my clients, and it is the better approach to keeping your skin healthy.

Instead of running out to the store to buy the latest chemically enhance and fragranced moisturizer, you would order the ingredients to make a better moisturizer yourself. With the active ingredients together you follow a simple skin care recipe, and you suddenly have a cream moisturizer that puts that commercial product to shame! (Mostly because it actually works)

Most of the ingredients you use in DIY skin care are natural extracts, which also makes homemade skin care solutions the holistic approach to keeping that youthful glow.

 What Can I do With DIY Skin Care?

There aren’t many problems that can’t be overcome with a good skin care recipe, and a few active ingredients. Some of the areas where I have used DIY products for myself, friends and family include:

  • Making anti inflammatory products
  • Creams to promote capillary health
  • Increasing collagen production
  • Creams that reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Making anti acne products that provide oil control
  • Working to increase skin elasticity
  • Skin lightening, and skin brightening creams
  • Product that provide sun damage protection
  • After exposure creams to promote sun damage repair
  • Wrinkle relaxing and wrinkle tightening products

That isn’t a complete list, but it gives a good idea of some of the things you can do when you choose to become a DIYer.

 How do I Get Started as A DIYer?

Getting started with do-it-yourself skin care isn’t difficult at all. All you really need are some active ingredients, and a little knowledge. You can get your skin care ingredients from bulkactives.com. Our site has a huge list of the ingredients you’ll require, and we are helpful in answering any questions. We also have a good list of skin care recipes.

Now that you know where to order from, all you’ll require is a little knowledge.

Bookmark my blog (or add it to your blogroll) and come back often. I will be posting some of my own recipes for great skin care products that I use regularly. It’s very likely that you’ll find DIY skin care rewarding and fun. I know I do!

BulkActives – Supplier of: skin actives, cosmetic ingredients, cosmeceuticals, active ingredients, and skin care ingredients, for DIY skin care and cosmetics, and homemade skin care products.